EC Pro Membership

Welcome to the Endurance Conspiracy Pro Membership Program!  We have approved your request to be a member of the EC Pro Program!

Our program is designed to support select individuals and organizations who are passionate about their pursuits and who have been supportive of the EC brand over the years.   As an EC Pro Member, you'll receive a discount on our products at and more.  We hope that you'll use this privilege often and that it enhances your personal and professional passions.

Signing In & Ordering — To access the Pro Member Discounts, simply sign in or create an account at the website. Once you've logged in, the discount code provided will reflect your pro discount price at checkout.  If you do not see a discounted price, you may not have signed in correctly, so please try again.  If you continue to have trouble or have additional questions or problems, you can email us at, or call the EC Hotline at 720-542-3137.

Note:   Occassionally, limited run or special items may not be offered at a discounted price.

This discount is for you. — We're giving you this discount because; 1) we think you are great at what you do and a role model in your area 2) you make us look good, 3) we believe that you will share your passion for EC and spread the good word to your friends and community. We hope that you respect this access and we request that you use this discount exclusively for items that are for you to wear.  Also, upon logging in as an EC Pro Member, other sales and discount codes will be unavailable to you. No stacking discounts!

The only exception to this rule is during certain times of the year when EC will allow you to purchase items as gifts for those special people in your life.  We will notify you of these special occasions.

We appreciate your respect of this privilege. If you abuse it, we won't any choice but to terminate your membership to the program. 

EC Boulder Store.  If you live in the Boulder area, you will be able to use your discount at the EC Boulder store. Just have proof of ID and you're good to go.

Social Media Content.  Please provide us with your social media activity (Facebook, Instagram...) so we can add you to our list, if we haven't already.  Also, in the future, please use the hashtag #ECPRO15 so we can begin to gather a catalog of imagery for our EC Pro Members.

Note:   Be sure to follow the EC Newsletter so you can follow all of the events we attend throughout the season. If you see that we will be visiting your neck of the woods for an event, we hope you will swing by the booth and say hello. We may even be in need of additional help at the booth, so if you reach out and offer your assistance (preferably before the event), you may make a little money and go home with some extra EC gear.

Congratulations again –we are thrilled to have you as part of the Endurance Conspiracy family.


Tony DeBoom
EC Founder